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Medical Forms

The Parental Release Form & Health Form are also included in the Camper Information Packet. A link to the packet is provided in the Confirmation Receipt e-mailed after registering.

Participants are required to submit the Parental Release Form, Health Form and a copy of their Immunization Records at check-in. Without these documents completed in their entirety, campers will not be permitted to participate in any camp activity.

Parental Release Form

The Parental Release Form must be signed by the participants parent/guardian and includes areas to list an emergency contact.

The Health Form must be completed and signed by the participants parent/guardian and covers the camper's medical history, insurance policy, allergies, medications and any limitations. 

Medications at camp

In accordance with N.J.A.C. 8:25-5.3(h), Princeton University will not administer medications of any type (prescription or over-the-counter) to camp participants of any age. Princeton University will not be held responsible for housing/storing medication(s). Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) and camp participants will be held responsible for administering and housing/storing medication(s) in a discrete place during camp. 

We strongly recommend Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) of camp participants that have been prescribed medication(s) that are self-administered to treat potentially life-threatening conditions (ie. inhalers, EpiPen) meet with the Health Director during check-in to discuss their use.


New Jersey Youth Camp Standards (N.J.A.C. 8:25) require campers to be immunized with the vaccinations required for child-care center, preschool or school attendance as appropriate for the camper's age, according to the immunization schedule found in N.J.A.C. 8:57-4. An immunization schedule can be found a https://nj.gov/health/cd/documents/imm_requirements/k12_parents.pdf